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What we are about: time and budget

ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. was established with the intent to fill a need:

Quality work within a budget
Timeliness to meet project deadlines
No project too small or too large

What We've Done:

ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. has completed projects throughout New Mexico and surrounding states. Project sizes have ranged from small individual lots to large residential, commercial and industrial sites. Our clients span the United States and include Native American Tribes, the Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, commercial contractors, architectural firms and private clientele.

With 14 years of service to our clients, ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. has earned a reputation for responding to the needs of our clients. We utilize the best technology, newest ideas, and the most successful strategies to meet the demands and challenges of each individual project.

Who We Are:

ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. is a medium-sized company established to meet the needs of our clients. Our success comes from:

Quick response
Frequent communication with our clients
Easy access to ABQ staff members
Utilizing the latest technology
Continuous time/resource management
Moderate cost fee structure

Our Team:

ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. is owned by its president, Craig Hagelgantz P.E. Our staff of highly experienced personnel includes:

Our Tools:

The ABQ ENGINEERING, INC. team stays current and is proficient in the latest CADD, technical, and office software, including:eng tools

HYMO (Hydrology)
HEC_RAS (Hydrology)
Retain Pro (Retaining Walls)
STAAD (Structural Analysis)
Trace Load 700 (HVAC Load Calculations)
ECOORD (Electrical)